This page demonstrates to visitors about our policies with collection, usage and disclosure of personal data. Our website manages users’ data by making use of the following privacy policy. When you click on this website, you agree to the following privacy policy. We make use of personal information for offering enhancing our service. None of your information will be shared or used with the other people or companies except the ones described in our Privacy Policy.
Collection and Usage of Information
We learn about the users’ experience on our site by collecting information about the pages you’re looking for, no. of times you visit them and the amount of time you spend on them. This allows us to optimize your experience and serve you proficiently. We use this information in analyzing the effectiveness of our website. Users tend to stay on certain pages of the website longer than others. Thus, this data helps us in determining the popularity of these pages and enabling us to optimize our website and enhancing those areas. Thus, we may require personal information for this. The information we request will not be retained on your device and collected in any way.
We do not use any third-party services which collects information that we use to identify you, for now. However, we may change his without giving notice and if you use the service, you agree to that. Thus, please make sure to visit our Privacy Policy repeatedly.
Log Data
This is to inform you that when you use our service, in case of an error or version incompatibility, of the app and device, we will collect your date for getting information (through third party products) on your device known as Log Data. This includes information like the operating system version of your device, Internet Protocol (IP) address and device name. In addition, it also contains Date and Time.
Cookies are small files which are set on your computer by default by websites to help you remember things that concern you. When you visit our website, the browser sends this file to our server. Cookies help us in enhancing the quality of our IPTV website. The choice of choosing or rejecting cookies on your browser is up to you completely. You get different types of cookies:
Session cookies- These will stay on your device for a short period of time.
Persistence cookies- These stay on your device for years.
First-party cookies- These are set by websites you visit.
Third-party cookies- These are set by services that certain websites bank on.
Use of cookies
We mainly make use of cookies to:
Enhance the users’ experience on our website
Provide relevant personalized advertising
For social media
Service Providers
In order to update and develop our app, we sometimes require third-party companies and individuals due to the following:
  • Making app function smoothly
  • Companies that help in programming and updating
Please note that these companies or third parties will have access to your personal information. They get it only when we hire them so they use it only in the development phase. Moreover, they are compelled for not indulging in disclosure or usage of the information for any other purpose.
Tracking of abuse
We are liable to disclose any information regarding any form of abuse if requested by the law, explicitly, a court order.
Property claim
Logos and trademarks on our website are the property of their particular owners. We do not associate with them.
Email Contact
If you contact us through the given email address, we can use the data provided to process your request. The specification of the data is essential in order to process and answer your inquiry. Without it, we won’t be able to do it efficiently as it will limit us.
We delete that data as soon as there is no requirement of it. For personal data, sent by e-mail, it happens when the particular conversation ends. It ends when the matter in question has been cleared.
Safety concern
Our website offers original apps without any cheating, modification or virus. Your personal data is safe with us and won’t be shared to a third party without your permission. But, please note, internet protocols are not 100% safe thus we work constantly for enhanced security and reliability but cannot promise its absolute security.
Link to Other Sites
You will find other links from other websites on our site, by clicking on them, it will direct you to that particular website. Please note that we do not operate these external sites. Thus, it is advisable to review the privacy policy of those websites. We do not have any control over them so better to protect yourself as we are not responsible for the other sites.
Children’s Policy
We do not provide our service to anyone under the age of 15 so we won’t intentionally collect private information from children under the age of 15. If we notice any data of a child under 15, we will remove it right away from our service. Further, if you are the parent of a child that has send us the data, feel free to contact us for taking actions.
Policy change
Our policy keeps updating from time to time. The use of collected information is subjected to the privacy policy in the effect of the time we use it. Users of our website must abide by the changes in our privacy policy even when they use our website after the posting of the changes.
In case of any queries, contact us at [email protected]